Steam and Pump Training



Check out our reviews!

“Thank you so much for inviting us to the Steam Fundamentals, Pump Fundamentals. Nick jumpstarted my brain again on things I used to know and forgot. My work partner’s eyes were opened very wide with the respect (a pump is not just a pump it is a component of a whole system) There is a lot to troubleshooting and installing pumping systems. Engineers should take this course to if nothing else jumpstart their brain so the outcome of the engineered system is a great one. I have seen engineered systems that did not turn out so good. Nick (through the seminars) has giving me the tools to troubleshoot the problems on my new engineered systems here at the Dam. Hopefully I can make these systems be viable for 50 years. (The next 50 year license renewal) Thanks Nick, your awesome!” 

“I really enjoyed the class. Nick is an outstanding teacher!”

“Great stories about hands on experiences. Great information that I will use in my applications.”

“I am looking forward to having Nick come at train at our site, so more people can benefit from these classes.”

Westerberg & Associates offers educational courses and Seminars in several areas, as well as On-Site, including: Steam, Pump, Pump Rebuild, Vibration, and Alignment training.  The courses are taught by seasoned professionals in the field, who combine their years of knowledge with their love of the industry to offer a quality experience to the leaders and professionals of tomorrow! Please read the letter below from Pioneer Pump.
Training Recomendation Letter from Pioneer Pump
Whether it is a pump, gas compressor skid, gearbox, fan, blower, feeder, conveyor, auger, large reciprocating engine or machine shop equipment, choosing and setting up your equipment properly is your primary concern and goal. A properly designed and installed system will minimize vibration, maintain alignment of all components and achieve the maximum service life from your equipment. Have you ever wondered if your equipment installations could be done with a better product for less money; completed on a faster time schedule or would last for 10, 15, or 20 years? Don’t miss an opportunity to attend one of our Steam Fundamentals, Pump Fundamentals, Pump Rebuild &  Equipment Reliability Seminars. Sit back and just listen or ask the questions you have always wondered about.  Inproseal,  5W Enterprises and Westerberg & Associates team up to present these seminars as a technically based information class. There will be very little sales type information discussed during these seminars. We perform several “hands on” demonstrations!
Comments from Previous Attendees
“Great job- excitement and passion for topics”
“Very helpful – I am an apprentice millwright and about to card out,
I have a lot to learn, learned a lot today”  
“I liked the visual demonstration – hands on”
Check our website often as we will announce our training dates and locations regularly!
Contact Liz Comfort  with any questions, or to schedule a training in your area.

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