Doc’s Pump Journal is the handbook everyone involved with pumping will want to have in their library! This book, with over 700 pages, will make your pumping life much easier. Doc’s Pump Journal includes information on hydraulic principals, simple sizing equations, packing, seals, bearing, foundations, grout, piping, alignments, reliability, pump types and more… and you don’t need a PhD to read it!


Nothing can replace experience: it is the best, sometimes the hardest, teacher- but the lessons of experience last a lifetime. In Doc’s Steam Journal, author Nick Westerberg shares nearly three decades worth of on the job experiences with readers as he teaches and shares all aspects of steam properties. In his newest book, readers will find over 500 pages of resources, graphs, charts, and images to help in a variety of situations, as well as specific information on steam generation, steam traps, manufacturers, installation, assessment, and engineering. Doc’s Steam Journal is written in a readable, relatable manner, so that the information is accessible to both beginners and experts. It is the resource you will go back to again and again throughout your career!

What our customers are saying about Doc’s Steam Journal

“Where was this book when I was needing it? Steam is/was a mystery to a lot of people! This is one heck of a book, that has been needed in the Industry for a long time. I have never seen one that is this detailed and yet so easy to read.  I highly recommend folks in our business also to get themselves a copy. It will save them some time and maybe some hide!”      D. Cooper

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