Thank you for visiting Westerberg & Associates’ home on the web!

Your source of knowledge and products for industrial pumps, valves, steam traps and engineered specialties.

For 30 years, W&A has worked to offer quality consulting, training, and products to meet the needs of our customers across the country. Our goal is to provide excellent service – whether through our books, manufactured products, representative products, seminars or speeches, customer satisfaction remains our priority.  We look forward to working with you soon!

Westerberg & Associates, Corp.

Office Address:
1421 N. Meadowwood Lane, Suite 20
PO Box 567
Liberty Lake, WA 99019
Nick Westerberg, CEO
(P) 509-951-4399
(F) 509-210-5985
TOLL FREE: 888-885-1124
Liz Comfort, Office Manager
(P) 509-998-9213
(F) 509-210-5985
TOLL FREE: 888-885-1124

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