Doc’s Pump & Steam Journals

Westerberg & Associates’ best-selling book continues to prove a valuable resource for anyone involved in the pumping industry!

“Nick, I have worked with pumps and pipelines most of my life and spent most of the time looking thru a dozen manuals to find the information you have compiled in one book. All I can say is pure genius… Not being a professional on Texas oysters on the half shell, I do believe you have designed a gem. With all the stuff you have going on, with seminars and such I doubt I will ever get to meet you! Stay in touch and our trails will cross soon. Thank you for the book it will be well used and shown to all who have interest.”
-Thanks, C. Connor

ALSO NOW AVAILABLE!!!  Doc’s Steam Journal

DOCS STEAM JOURNAL FRONT LIZDoc’s Steam Journal is full of valuable information that anyone in the steam world can use to operate more efficiently and safely.
*Steam Basics   *Water Hammer   *Steam Trap Applications   *Steam Spargers*Pipe Insulation Costs   *Deaerator Sizing   *Steam Trap Dimensions   *Trap Survey Data*Steam Trap Cross Reference   * Control Valves   *Blowdown Valves   *Boiler RatingsThe detailed engineering section of Doc’s Steam Journal includes many useful charts and graphs for quick and easy reference.
To order, contact, or click here for more information: PUMP and STEAM JOURNAL FLYER 2014

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